Mugshot Hello, my name is Julian Neytchev, and I have been making sure to turn it off and on again since 1995.

I spent the first 10 years of my career as a software developer, wrote a lot of code, and filed a lot of TPS reports. I think I still have my red stapler tucked somewhere.

Then one day in 2010 I got a job offer from the consulting arm of Red Hat looking for someone to work on reference architecture design and development for one of their biggest clients. The nature of the work quickly evolved into cloud infrastructure automation, and naturally, I got really interested in anything cloud related.

So far my professional journey has taken me through vmware, KVM / OpenStack, Big Data, Software Defined Networking, and most recently Hyper converged infrastructure with Mesosphere.

It sure has been a wild ride so far. I wonder what will be next?