Run Adhoc Tasks on DC/OS

DC/OS can run Marathon or Kubernetes for orchestrating long running tasks and Metronome / Chronos for scheduled ones. That leaves space for a mechanism to run ad-hoc tasks that do not need to be treated as long running nor scheduled ones.

To address this gap we can easily install and use Eremetic


  • DC/OS cluster version 1.10+
  • DC/OS CLI installed and configured
  • Ability to SSH into any node.


Eremetic can easily be installed from the DC/OS Catalog or the CLI.

[laptop]$ dcos package install eremetic --yes
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This DC/OS Service is currently in preview. There may be bugs, incomplete features, incorrect documentation, or other discrepancies. Preview packages should never be used in production!
Installing Marathon app for package [eremetic] version [0.27.0-0.0.1]
DC/OS Eremetic service has been installed. You can access the API within the cluster at or outside the cluster at https://<dcos-master>/service/eremetic/.

New User Tutorial:


To run an ad-hoc task, one can use the UI that comes with the framework. It will be available at http://<master IP>/service/eremetic/.


Eremetic can also be interacted with programatically. It exposes a RESTful interface that allows for easy operation:

[laptop]$ eval `ssh-agent`; ssh-add /path/to/key
[laptop]$ dcos node ssh --leader --master-proxy

[master]$ task_id=$(curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST -d  '{"docker_image":"busybox","command":"date","task_cpus":0.1,"task_mem":100}'
# Inspect the status of our task
[master]$ curl${task_id} | jq .
  "task_cpus": 0.1,
  "task_mem": 100,
  "command": "date",
  "args": null,
  "user": "root",
  "env": null,
  "masked_env": null,
  "image": "busybox",
  "volumes": null,
  "ports": null,
  "status": [
      "time": 1517192445,
      "status": "TASK_QUEUED"
      "time": 1517192446,
      "status": "TASK_STAGING"
      "time": 1517192449,
      "status": "TASK_RUNNING"
      "time": 1517192449,
      "status": "TASK_FINISHED"
  "id": "eremetic-task.0ec1ed88-2bde-47ec-aa46-a867686fa3fe",
  "name": "Eremetic task k7Ml7bZ5",
  "network": "",
  "dns": "",
  "framework_id": "eremetic1",
  "slave_id": "d9a24214-7d0c-4255-a38d-d0f4eba2a13c-S1",
  "slave_constraints": null,
  "hostname": "",
  "retry": 0,
  "callback_uri": "",
  "sandbox_path": "/var/lib/mesos/slave/slaves/d9a24214-7d0c-4255-a38d-d0f4eba2a13c-S1/frameworks/eremetic1/executors/eremetic-task.0ec1ed88-2bde-47ec-aa46-a867686fa3fe/runs/715c5f99-0a92-40dd-ace8-dda8ea1b92cc",
  "agent_ip": "",
  "agent_port": 5051,
  "force_pull_image": false,
  "fetch": null


Uninstalling Eremetic is also very straight forward:

[laptop]$ dcos package uninstall eremetic --yes
Uninstalled package [eremetic] version [0.27.0-0.0.1]
DC/OS Eremetic service has been uninstalled.